Tuesday Oct 18 2005

I had the strangest conversation today. D & I were introduced to each other. Small talk was made. It was awkward, and yet it was not:

“Did you come to this conference because you wanted to?”“Oh, [a friend] wanted company & I had nothing better to do.”“Oh.”

(small silence)

“Do you have class?” He looks at me curiously, his eyebrow half cocked, waiting for me to go on. “I mean, you’re in school and all.”

“No. I needed to get this.” He gestures to the pile of handouts. “And we had research.”

“Okay. What are you guys doing?”

“Antimicrobes” He smirks.

I start asking him about school.

Now would be the point when I start worrying if people secretly think I’m a dork (‘cause I really am, and it pops out at the most inopportune moments) . Then again, why should I care? Those who matter, don’t mind. Those who mind, don’t matter.


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