Everyone hates a know-it-all

Know-it-alls are annoying. It’s annoying when they’re answering a question directed to someone else, and even more annoying when their answer is wrong. Thanks for trying to help, but actually, you’re not helping. Please remove yourself from the conversation. And while you’re at it, get that foot out of your mouth too. If I wanted to talk to you, don’t you think I would have?

Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. Maybe all he wanted was a little validation. I could’ve given him that. Take the high road and all that crap. Words are cheap anyway. Gee, you must be so smart, you know everything! Ayt? Now go away.

Of course, he’s really quite smart. He knows that. I just wish he didn’t have the compulsive urge to make sure everyone knew it too.


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