I love reading. There is nothing quite like a good thick book in your hands, except when you know that it’s a good thick book with a great story. Then, it gets even better.

This was how I spent my weekend. My reward for getting hit in the eye with a wooden stick. I have a nice bruise. People will ask me tomorrow how I got it. Truth is, a little kid hit me.

See, my little brother and I were at the arcade, my Christmas present to him. We did it yesterday because it wasn’t too crowded (holiday season was over) and because we didn’t have any tests looming (yes, we are both nerds). He played Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (he’s 10) and I watched, basically.

On the way out, we pass by a game where you hit drums with thick wooden sticks. It’s one of those Dance Dance revolution things where you hit drums in time to the music instead of dance. A kid and his nanny were playing. He threw his hand back, and the stick hit my eye.

First thought: Thank God my brother didn’t get hurt.

Next thought: Stupid kid. Wait a minute. It’s not really his fault. He’s only 4. What is he doing in this arcade playing that? People could get hurt. I just did!

What I wanted to say: Stupid nanny! What were you thinking, letting him play with that? You should’ve been more responsible! Oh wait, that’s because you’re playing the damn game too!

What I actually did: I burst into tears. Such a silly female thing to do.

So, to cheer myself up, I got a new book. It’s one of those teen books where no one actually gets hurt and their lives are all full of drama that make me happy to not be a teen anymore. Then, once I was finished with that, I picked up the book my brother got: Midnight for Charlie Bone. It’s even better than the teenybopper one! They get hurt, but it’s fake hurt, and you just know things will be alright in the end. I love happy endings.

So now I have a nice bruise, and people will ask me tomorrow how I got it. I think I’m just going use concealer. Then no one will ask questions and I won’t have to say I got beat up by a kid.


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