I’m liking wordpress a lot more each day. There are new pretty templates practically every week, and no need for messy, time consuming CSS! If I get bored with one, well, 😉

The downside to this is that your blog will look like a million others. Boo.

Anyway, I gotta go back writing histories. There is a patient in the wards who overdosed because she had a fight with her lesbian lover. The third years are saying that overdosing on INH is one of the easiest ways to off yourself. You just sleep. You seize too, but you’re not exactly conscious when that happens.

Still, I have no idea why someone would off herself. Isn’t that, like, quitting? Yeah, I know. I’m being judgmental. I actually have no right to say this. I’m not where she is. I have no idea what she’s going through.

But still.

Sigh, the things we learn in med school–books and drugs and Disease. Some days, we get lucky and learn something about ourselves too.


One thought on “INH

  1. Hi!
    what theme is THIS. I’m going to go back and look at the themes and try to find this one. It’s nice!I’d change the banner to something chowish…

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