The Walkman

I've finally given in to the whole iPod craze, except I didn't quite get an iPod. Practically everyone I know has one. And I'm not that much of a Creative fan either. So, my new toy:

Sony NW-A1000

Why I decided to go with a Walkman:

  1. It looks amazing. (Better pictures here.) There are no more Minis being made, and the Nano's scratch-prone casing bugs.
  2. No colored screen. Weird that this'd be a plus. I don't really need a colored screen to listen to music, which is what I want from an mp3 player. Also, colored screens = shorter battery life.
  3. Really good sound quality.
  4. Special discount at Broadway! (The clincher, really)

Cons of owning a Walkman:

  1. Sony Connect 1.0. There were some software issues, like how the program is very very slow, and was prone to crashing. It was also incredibly picky, transferring some songs and not others.

To fix said problem:

  1. Download the firmware upgrade.
  2. Download Sony Connect Player Software Upgrade. (v. 1.0.04)

Sony also suggested that people use SonicStage 3.3 instead of Sony Connect. I've not tried it, because downloading the upgrades fixed my problem, and I really do not want to clutter my hard drive with unnecessary software.

Also, Sony's come out with SonicStage CP, which should work with all its Walkmen (Walkmans?). I'm still waiting for the verdict on that one to see if it's worth time and effort to change.


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