Tea with Gab

Had tea with a friend today.  It was good. Gab raised a couple of interesting points. First, where's everyone else? And I'm like, most of them are abroad. I can't just call. It's not just the cost of long-distance calls; it's also the time difference. And honestly, it's harder to make friends now because I have become afraid to trust. Or maybe I've just grown older. So is this the same for everyone or am I just weird again?

And second, which I found odd. He called me docile. Gentle and tame. Like sheep.

I've never thought of myself as docile. I was a bit of a rebel in high school. Now's different. I think my parents' training have worked. All those years of early curfews and rules guidelines–they must've done the trick.

I guess I sort of am. Whenever my parents need me to do something for them, I'm there. It's mostly errands anyway, and I don't mind. Generally.

God, I'm boring.


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