Currently, WordPress' top blog is Social Rank, a group of people given to blogging about timely and relevant events.  Finally, it's a blog I can relate to!  Frivolity, thy name is woman. 

Anyway, blogging might have to taper off a bit.  I'm behind on schoolwork and it will take at least two weeks to catch up on the amount of reading I have to do.  (This does not include next week's load.)  It saddens me that I cannot take in more than two football games this weekend.  And Round 2 starts on Saturday!  And I still haven't seen Brazil at all!  Armani model, when will I get the chance to see you play?   Sadly, he is married.  His wife is a stunner; they look great together.

That's it for now.  I've to be up at dawn tomorrow, to get to school on time.  (Damn traffic!)  You know what they say: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man ill.  For the dengue mosquito bites at dawn and at dusk.


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