• Fiddled with the layout, because I wanted to do something with the blog, yet did not know what to write.
  • Met up with a few friends lately. All remarked on the weight change.
  • Met up with other friends who remarked on my patience. And I’m not one generally known for being patient.
  • The new layout is pretty. Might change the pictures though. It’s a little too girly.
  • I may have listened to Other Side of the World too much. I don’t like it anymore.
  • RPG cliches are funny. My favorites:
    • Thinking With The Wrong Head (Hiro Rule)
    • No matter what she’s accused of doing or how mysterious her origins are, the hero will always be ready to fight to the death for any girl he met three seconds ago.

    • The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God (Cloud Rule)
    • The more outrageous his hairstyle, the more important a male character is to the story.

    • George W. Bush Geography Simplification Initiative
    • Every country in the world will have exactly one town in it, except for the country you start out in, which will have three.


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