It’s one of those lovely rainy days where all you want to do is sleep, read, or have a long slow conversation with someone you like.

But. (And there’s always one). Life calls. There are exams. And, well, I don’t have a someone I like at the moment. Shucks.

In any case. There are cute babies to look at. I think I want one of those. But I think I might also want to be a surgeon. And well, babies + surgeons = unnecessarily difficult.  Also, won’t I need a boyfriend first?

Moving on.

So, one of my dearest friends was saying the other day, how she’s glad she’s not a dog. She’s not the prettiest girl, but she’s not ugly either. She has, like, around a couple of guys interested in her every year, a nice number. Not too many to be distracting but enough to be reassured that you’re still reasonably attractive.

I understand where she’s coming from. She doesn’t really want someone in her life right now. Or rather, she hasn’t yet met the person she’s willing to trade her independence and freedom for. I agree with her here. You’re giving up a lot to be with another, so I’d want to be fairly certain I know what I’m getting into before actually involving myself in it.

It is so hard to extricate yourself from a wrong relationship–at least from my experience. I knew my previous relationship was a mistake the minute I entered into it, but it took me six months to resolve it. I was afraid. I wanted minimal damage, but the funny thing is, the longer it takes you to do it, the more hurt you inflict in the end.

Maybe the best way to go about this is to not start anything you’re not absolutely positively sure of. And because that’s not possible a lot of the time, I hope it will be with someone who will make the heartache worth it.


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