So I was reading 101 Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting Medical School, and number 36 jumps right out at me:

OB/GYN residents are treated like shit, and that shit runs downhill. Be ready to pick it up and sleep with it.

followed by:

It’s always the medical student’s fault.



2 thoughts on “01.10.08

  1. Ok, I have a joke for you: What’s the difference between a medical student and a piece of shit?

    No one goes out of their way to step on a piece of shit!

    Seriously, though, ob/gyn was my toughest rotation as a med student. I’m not sure what it is about the residents, but they are nearly all psychotic females. I’m not psychotic, I’m just average crazy, which is how I ended up in surgery. There was this one resident whose goal was to make one of the medical students cry on each rotation. One of the attendings found out about it, and *he* made *her* cry during morning report. It’s not often you get to see someone get what’s coming to them, and that time it was great. She was evil.

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