1. I have a bad habit: I write and post. Five minutes after, I take it down. (Because my gut said so.)
  2. I miss shopping.
  3. I really miss shoe shopping.


I think I will learn to cook this summer. Don’t laugh.

Harumi’s Home Cooking
This is the cookbook I’m planning to learn from.

The book is both gorgeous and yummy. I hope my meals will be too. I mean, I think I can follow a recipe.  I can’t do the organic, experiment in the kitchen thing–no imagination, nor patience, for it.

I used to make noodles from scratch, also from a recipe, back in high school.  They were pretty okay, but took up too much time.  Now I’ve stopped eating them because of noodles = maximum number of admits = no rest.  Star thinks I’m being silly.  I probably am.

Four days til the big day.  I hope this will be worth it.


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