It seems that I am more understood by my parents than previously thought.  Terms used: “critical thinker” and “always wants to know why”  Apparently, the five year old in me never left.


My horoscope today:

Today you need to develop a more analytical attitude, especially when it comes to people you don’t like. If they rub you the wrong way, so what? Do they really have an impact on your life and on your opportunities? If so, then you need to address it once and for all — establish what your relationship will be with them and then never look back. But if they don’t matter to your life, then don’t let them matter! Move and don’t give them the power to affect you anymore.

I’m not a good follower of stuff like this since I basically ignore the bits I don’t like, and even the ones that I like.  Today’s sounds astonishingly pragmatic. Just ditch the first word, and I’m good to go.


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