A little bit happy


I’m late to the Wicked bandwagon, but For Good is sticking like glue to Brodman areas 41 & 42.  I first heard Kristen Chenoweth sing it at John Spencer’s funeral montage, and it was, OMG, instant weepiness.  The song is amazing. (And John Spencer, I’m glad to say I watched you then.  West Wing is nothing without you.)

I’m trying to play it on the piano. I hear Kristen and Idina singing to it when I do, and it’s so much better without the melody.  Big Broadway voices trumps dinky right hand melody every time.  Also, (+) auditory hallucinations.  It’s the first step to schizophrenia.

I’m having more fun in Neurology than I expected.  My residents are brainy/geeky/cool, and kind of really sharp.  I feel small around them.  Like, there’s so much more I need to know!  Like the anterolateral system and brainstem minutiae.  I used to know this back in first year, but hard labor clerkship has turned my brain into soup.

There is also a potential new friend I am hoping to make.

But I am a little bit happy now. To date:

  1. It’s almost Christmas.
  2. For Good.
  3. Fun times in Neuro!
  4. New friends!
  5. One of the ward nurses told me that this patient’s relative has been saying good things about me!  It’s mostly procedural stuff, like IV or NGT inserts.  But still!  Validation is yay!



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