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Good one, from hmm

The question that remains is what other field can one do if people haven’t been trained in biology/science/etc.?

Most of us are not going to be business owners. The health field in the end gives guaranteed job security int his fucked up economy.

I’m having trouble as it is finding a job after college with my B.S. in Biochemistry.

Even if I didn’t go for residency, the M.D. is useful as Hoover showed in a different post.


Just wantd to ask you something. I thought that Biochemistry was a new advancing field. But now u tell that u have trouble finding a job. What do you think are da job opportunities for people pursuing this degree??



well the ideal situation would be to live at home (free housing), and make some money but you’d probably end up making like $25,000-35,000 for the year that you work and you’ll probably top $40,000-$43,000 with that B.S. Biochemistry degree.

A B.S. is literally bullshit, and mind you my gpa is high and i have an excellent resume too.

You’re gonna have to go to grad school and at least do a master’s (then you can be making 60k a year topping at around 70-80k especially if you go government)

a phd is not worth it unless you absolutely love it. The opportunity costs, and the payback are pretty lousy imo.

But it shows you where the demand is in this economy and its for the healthfield (medicine, dentistry, nursing, nurse anesthetics, pa schools, optometry, etc.) and the HARD sciences like engineering.

Your job opportunities would be med school, but I’d recommend dental school as its only a 4 year degree, won’t be hit with universal healthcare (which I think is a good thing don’t get me wrong but for me personally I want to recoup the money that i’ve lost over 12 years of OPPORTUNITY COSTS AND DEBT and not be a wage earner/slave to some crappy government-botched version of medicare).

You’ll make more money as a dentist, have better flexible hours, get all the status/prestige/respect by others, and you’ll be able to do cosmetic stuff where you can make serious dough, and not be hit directly by the revamping of healthcare (the specialties in medicine are gonna take the hit).

Your other (practical) options are doing a master’s in nursing then doing somehting u liek there. If you want to make serious dough even more than a lot of family practitioners/internists/psychiatrists, you can become a nurse anethest which can make 150k a year working 40 hours a week (not a bad deal when you consider the overall training after college can be as low as 4 years).

Choose your poison wisely. Enjoy what you do, but don’t enjoy it too much because odds are you’ll probably make an artist’s salary in that case.

Pick a job that is something that you don’t abhor, but you can tolerate in the long run (until you crap out at the age of 67 when retirement would be).

Don’t do something that will tax you so that you burn out.

Passion is overrated. Job security, a good pay (anything over 100k a year), and low to medium stress is one of hte keys to happiness.

The others are good health (eathing healthy and exercising 5 days a week – REMEMBER DOCTORS HAVE THE WORST HEALTH OUT OF ANY OTHER PROFESSION LOL)

Good friends, a good family, and a good wife.

And take it slowly, don’t rush into medical school or dental school or whatever you want without researching/shadowing/asking questions (for your OWN BENEFIT NOT TO LOOK GOOD) what you want in life.

Take a year or two or three off, it’s all good. I would only start worrying about your grand scheme professional/career goals if you still haven’t figured out what you’re going to do around the age of 25-26.

i can tell you a personal anecdote about a DO who fucked up in college, and his parents pressured him to go to Poland to medical school right out of college and the kid obviously wasn’t prepared/ready for it.

So rather than fucking up in medical school too, he took time off (3 years after college) and became a full time bartender, worked odd-jobs here and there, and travelled, did the whole “I’m young” scene, and then when he went to DO school, he was so chill/laid back/FOCUSED/MATURE he was at the top of his classes and ENDED UP DOING DERMATOLOGY.

Now if you know anything about dermatology it’s one of the coziest specialties but also THE most difficult thing to get into ESPECIALLY AS A FUCKING DO.

Take your time kid, and don’t rush anything.

But do work a job to get some “40 hour-50 hour a week” experience.

And don’t go to law school unless you’re going to a top 14 school otherwise you’re fucked. Law is worse than medicine.

also, if you take time off and you earn any money, don’t buy stupid shit (just buy some nice clothes, good clean food and any oither essentials), just focus on improving yourself. Work out (, eat healthy, learn how to pick up chicks/men/whatever,


Invest in a ROTH IRA, and anything left over in a 401k. Save a little for a rainy day here or two, and pay off any college debt you have.

Some books to read in your time off:

The Game, Breakthrough Rapid Reading, The Art of War, The Millionaire Next Door (important one), A Dummy’s Guide to Personal Finance, The Richest Man in Babylon, and Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People.”

Also, join a crossfit gym and toastmasters to improve your speaking abilities/oratory skills if you have the time.

You have one life, don’t fuck it up.


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