To the three people who read my blog, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. Currently licensed to kill, renewable every 3 years, or as my sister likes to snark, I have “life giving hands” now.
  2. Pre residency starts next week.  Radiology baby!
  3. Grandmother is very very sick.  This comes at a particularly inopportune time.  (When is there an opportune time for dying?)  On the bright side, residency and pre residency has not yet begun, permitting me to spend almost all of my days at room 761.  I hate going into her room, knowing that she is going to die on me at any time.  Yet I know that I will hate myself more for not spending what little time she has left with her.
  4. Ego aside, I can’t bear to see my aunts and uncles hopeful faces either.  My grandmother is not going to get better; cholangiocarcinoma is a bitch.

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