A coworker of mine is planning to leave for a new job.  Her problem is letting go of the one she has right now.  I’m a little bit frustrated, because it’s not really my problem, and truly, she has been talking about this for almost two weeks now.  Her problem with me is that I don’t go out much.  It’s true, I don’t.  She’s my lunch buddy and my best friend at work, and I love her to bits, but I’d much rather stay at home and recharge for the next day.

She’s said that people at our current workplace are boring.  I wouldn’t really know; they seem okay to me.  I haven’t gotten to know them well, but I’m willing to try.  However, I’m nerdy and introverted, so that will be a problem.   The others have a little fun–they go out shopping together, lunch out, etc.  They’ve begun bringing her along too.

I don’t know what to do.  I understand that there is some murky office politics involved.  I should stay at the top of my game and play along.  But now, I’m just tired and want to sleep.


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