I write when I have something to say, and also when I don’t.  My prose is better when there is emotion driving it.  Otherwise, it is just boring science writing.  Case in point:  I was drafting a post on the books I like to read, just for kicks.  Left it for 5 minutes and went back, and Christ, it was the most mind-numbingly boring piece I wrote.

So now, how to piece together a list of the books I like without just saying: “Books I Like” or some such crap?  I should set higher standards.  I did write something craptastic in 2006, the list of books I aimed to read, but after 3 years, I’ve realized that the books I want to read and the books I like to read are two different kinds.  I want to read NYT’s 10 best books of 2009.  I like reading YA, Fantasy, and biographies. There is a little progress though.  I think I’ve gone through half.

It’s helped a bit, going through the archives.  It’s made me know myself, and like myself, a little better.  And if writing helps me come to terms with who I am, that’s good right?  At the end of the day, I just want to be happy with the choices I’ve made.    So for now, expect a post on the books I’ve read in the next couple of days.  A lame one.  So that I can look back three (more) years from now and marvel at how dorky I was.  And here I wonder why I’m socially inept.


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