Something good

Today was a kind of stressful day.  There were many things to do but not enough people to do it with.  Then the second year checks out from her job to drop by a sick friend, bringing along the other first year.  But to do that, she pulls me out from my job to do her work.  Annoying!

I’ve also started transcribing official readings.  I got a few compliments about the mad typing skillz.  I’d rather get them for (soon to be) awesome interpreting abilities.  For now, I will take what I can get.  Isn’t that pathetic?

And then, after dinner, CE sends this strange SMS congratulating me.  I was puzzled.  CE and I are not close in any way.  I SMS back.  No reply as of now.  Then my aunt the doctor tells me that I have been shortlisted!  This is all kinds of awesome.  But official results come out in March.  I hope I get it.


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