More school

I’ve been thinking about grad school, and if it’s the right thing to do right now. Dr. VonB has a post on Grad School Vs. Med School, and while it’s not one or the other for me, her points are definitely something I need to consider.

It’s not that I don’t like residency training.  I do like it, save for two mildly annoying situations: (1) what works for one senior resident is something that bugs the hell out of another and (2) there is very little research at my training hospital.

I like research.  I like writing papers.  I like reading related lit.  I don’t like it when the experiment doesn’t go my way, but it is far more palatable than annoying noncompliant patients who blame you for their illnesses.  And file lawsuits.

The con of grad school, aside from the massive drudgery:  I’m a lazy girl.  In the mornings, I need a good swift kick in the pants to get me started.  And while I love to plan, these plans, they don’t always push through.  Case in point: I’m supposed to study one hour each day, but this is very difficult to do.

Another con is that I will be away from my family.

Hmm, what to do?


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