Can’t get you out of my head

Grad school scares me.  What if I fail?  What if, three years down the road, my results are crap and there is nothing publishable?  What if this was thesis year all over again? (Thesis year sucked.  I had unpublishable results and a mentor whose ideas I couldn’t understand and who wanted me to kiss his ass, which in retrospect I should’ve done.)

But grad school is also something that I want to do.  It’s the timing that worries me a bit.  Do I do it now, so that I can pick a variety of topics, or later, after residency?

I don’t know.

Clinical radiology is more interesting than doing radiology research.  Also, I think clinical radiology is much more lucrative than research.  The problem is getting to that place.  Most graduates of my residency training program do multiple fellowships (a guy is in his eighth year), others become “nighthawks”, still others go back to their hometowns and work there.   I don’t mind doing four more years on top of the basic residency program, and I don’t mind nighthawking either.  It’s just that I’m not very good when it comes to looking for opportunities to make money.

So I’ve been looking at md/PhD blogs to get a handle on the grad school situation.  Most US MD/PhDs do it in med school, not after residency, so the situation isn’t really the same.  There are a couple of interesting ones out there, like Dr. VonB‘s and OldMDGirl‘s.   When I read their blogs, I think, I’m probably not as smart as they are, and am much lazier.  Makes for a bad combination.

Anyway, are there any other good blogs there with an MD/PhD bent?  Fill me in.


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