I have 30 days left to pack my stuff and to organize my life here before I leave for good.  It scares me.  While the place I’m going to is undoubtedly a great one, and much better for the me than before,  I am nervous.  What if this doesn’t work out?  What if I don’t have results?  What if this is just going to be like senior year back in college (yeah that sucked)?

My fear is also related to the scope of this thing.  It’s so easy to say, Oh, I’m going to get my PhD, but not when I’m not even sure what I’ll be doing.  When I think about my research proposal, I get a little bit overwhelmed at the hugeness and complexity of what I’ll be trying to do.   It’s certainly much harder than anything I’ve ever done before.

But you know, one scary thing at a time.  First, the leaving of home and family.  I’ll worry about the PhD in 30 days or so.


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