Good good study, day day up

Surprisingly, I was having a hard time looking for the chinese translation of this.  It’s by Mao, that is, 好好学习, 天天向上.  My Chinese friends say it’s one of the first things they learn in elementary school. The translation is in Chinglish, which mainland people also laugh at.  Everyone knows that the translation is not quite correct, but it’s fun, and it’s true.

It’s good, you know, to post it here.  I have to remind myself that the road to graduation is paved with incremental infinitesimal progress.  The only way to look at this whole grad school endeavor is to view failure as steps towards the right direction.  You know, at least I know what not to do.

I spent the past month doing literature review, and boy am I glad I did it.  My field is relatively new, and is generally less complex than other established fields.  It means that I can take 6 weeks to do a lit review of the entire field, and not three months.  It also means that if I haven’t put out a paper SOON, then I’m a bumbling idiot.  A lazy one.  And one that’s generally afraid.  What if I fail?

It’s hard. I know I can do it.  I have plans dammit.  It will work out.


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