Sunday mornings

Quiet Sunday morning at home.  My first year nearly over.  (Two and a half weeks to go).  I wonder how the seniors manage.  They all seem to have their shit together–research, relationships, jobs.  Me, I’m still figuring out what to do after graduation (postdoc?  back to the wards? go corporate?)  and dealing with feelings of inadequacy.

It’s a little stupid, because to people back home, I seem to have done okay, relatively.  I’m in a different country, doing relatively cool things (research ♥) but I also have a nagging feeling that I”m not good enough.  It worries me.  Also, I’m not the type to front–although I think I should learn this.  Everything is “perfect” and “cool” and “nothing I can’t handle.”

People also tell me I’m a little naive.  This worries me too.  And also, why?


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